Anna Alvarez

REALTOR® | Design Specialist at Iteration Home

  • Service Areas: Grand Rapids, Muskegon South to Grand Haven

About Anna Alvarez

I have always been a professional house snoop and a big fan of interesting, well-designed living spaces. My background is in design and I hold a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design- but have been working as a vintage dealer since 2005. I’ve found that an interest in furniture, art, and interiors goes hand in hand with the business of real estate. I very much appreciate quality and value- from high to low price points.

In real estate, first impressions are important, so I often pull from my warehouse of inventory to help stage listings. In the case of estates, I can offer my professional eye for ID and opinion on value for furnishings- included with any listing consult.

I grew up on the NW side of Grand Rapids, and currently live in East Grand Rapids with my two teenagers. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, please follow along! 

Language: English

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